Monday, April 27, 2015

Improving Communication in Technology

In 2013, the Office of Technology formed a cross-unit departmental Communication Committee. The committee members serve one-year terms and rotate quarterly so that the committee always has members with varying degrees of familiarity with the committee.

The committee meets weekly to discuss communications and miscommunications within and outside of the department. Its members make recommendations to the directors and CIO about processes and projects to improve departmental communication. In 2013 & 2014, the committee proposed and helped implement (1) professional development opportunities in communication, (2) a communication blog and website, (3) a website redesign initiative, and (4) new branding. In 2015, the committee will continue to improve the communication skills of our department through a set of communication training tracks that include face-to-face training.

The committee also develops an annual Strategic Communication Plan with the directors and CIO that guides the work of the group through the year.

2014 Strategic Communication Plan – Goals & Results
 Goal 1: Internal communication will be free-flowing – up, down, and across the organization.  It will be open and collaborative.  Communication will be consistent and clear. 4 objectives, all met.

Goal 2: External communication with faculty, staff, and students will be frequent, clear, and jargon-free.  Communication with colleagues will be timely, empathetic, and encourage suggestions and feedback.  Collaboration will be emphasized. 5 objectives, 3 met.

Goal 3:  Emergency and contingency efforts will demonstrate competence, organization, and efficiency. 2 objectives, both met.

Goal 4:  Marketing will be credible, professional, and collegial. 7 objectives, 5 met.

Technology Communication Committee purpose:
To develop continual Communication Improvement Initiatives that create an environment where improved communication is everyone’s job. In particular, tactics should be used to foster dialogue between units and subunits across the Department and with external constituencies so that meaningful communication happens constantly.

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